What About the Sugar in Fruit?

I eat a large amount of whole raw fruits every day. This makes people ask questions about the high sugar content and blood sugar levels.

I am going to point out 3 basic differences in raw fruit sugar and man-made processed sugar. Hopefully this will help you understand that eating lots of fruit is not bad for your health.

1. Natural Sugar vs. Man-Made Sugar?

  • Whole Fruit contains sugar in its natural state, unprocessed.
  • Processed sugar is a man-made addictive food that comes from sugar cane or sugar beets.

2. Type of Sugar

  • Fruit sugar contains fructose and breaks down in the liver so insulin is not needed for digestion (no blood sugar spike).
  • Processed sugar contains glucose and breaks down in the stomach so insulin is needed to digest (blood sugar spike).

3. Digestion

  • Whole fruit contains fiber, which helps your body absorb the sugar more slowly.
  • Processed sugar is digested quickly (ENERGY BOOST) but, once the sugar is digested, your energy level drops (CRASH). That’s why eating foods high in refined sugar will give you a roller coaster feeling of “up and down” (coffee, soda, vitamin-water, fruit juice, candy, cereal, cake, ice cream, cookies, etc.). Read more about fruit

I recommend seeking the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or changing your diet.

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