Organic Herbal Tea Blends

Organic Herbal Tea Blends

Afternoon Delight

An elegant and soothing combination of organic herbs makes this blend a delightful and a relaxing afternoon tea. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic peppermint, organic chamomile flower, organic licorice root and organic cinnamon. Origin: United States

“I am so impressed with the quality of starwest products… I tried this tea over a year ago and just got in my last order of about 10 different blends; With 5 already taste tested I am delighted with them all and this one is an ole reliable for a soothing, relaxing tea blend.” – Dana Reynolds

herbal tea blend afternoon delight

Bladder Support

This formula is a masterful mix of herbs designed to help support and maintain healthy bladder function. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic cleavers herb, organic shavegrass herb, organic couchgrass root, organic cornsilk, and organic juniper berry. Origin: United States

“This is a very light tea that can be mixed in with other teas if you like. Not bitter at all, more light , ever so slight honeysuckle flavor. It has the perfect combination of herbs to sooth & support the kidney- urinary organs” – JT

herbal tea blend bladder support
Blood Cleanser

This formula is a specific combination of herbs to help aid in the health and purification of the blood. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic buckthorn bark, organic burdock root, organic red clover blossoms, organic yellowdock root, organic barberry root,and organic licorice root. Origin: United States

herbal tea blend blood cleanser
Calming Rest

An Indian decaffeinated green tea infusion with chamomile and other delicious herbs, combined with the refreshing taste of peppermint. This soothing blend gives you a full-bodied flavor, promoting calm relaxation, and helps you to unwind and ease your mind to melt the stress of your day away so you can get a good nights rest. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic chamomile, organic peppermint, organic Indian green tea decaffeinated, organic scullcap herb, organic wood betony, organic catnip herb and organic stevia leaf. Origin: United States

“Have sleepless nights on occasions. Brew a cup of this tea and within hour fast asleep. Stevia is a nice touch.” – IDF

herbal tea blend calming rest

This circulation formula is made with a blend of organic herbs designed to help promote and support a healthy circulatory system. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic goldenrod herb, organic linden flower and leaf, organic eleuthero root, organic ginkgo leaf, organic peppermint leaf, organic cinnamon, and organic gentian root. Origin: United States

herbal tea blend circulation

Enjoy this blend of healthful herbs, including dandelion, red clover, and licorice, that can help provide a gentle way for the body to cleanse itself. A delicious way to feel naturally refreshed on a daily basis. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic burdock root, organic dandelion root, organic peppermint leaf, organic red clover blossom, organic licorice root, organic yellowdock root, and organic ginger root. Origin: United States

“It works well. Tried a small 4 oz portion. will buy large one next time.” – James

“My girlfriend and I like this so much it’s literally an everyday tea. You can taste the dandelion root but it’s not overpowering.” – TG

herbal tea blend detox

Energy Adjustment

Liven up your day with this blend of Organic Young Hyson green tea combined with eleuthero and ginkgo. It supplies your body with necessary antioxidants, while promoting a positive and greater energy. Enjoy this delightful, invigorating green tea throughout the day to support your energy and well-being. Revitalize yourself naturally!

Ingredients: Organic Young Hyson tea, organic eleuthero root, organic schisandra berry, organic ginkgo leaf, organic gotu kola, organic licorice root and organic ginger root. Origin: United States

herbal tea blend energy adjustment

Essiac Tea

A timeless and traditional blend of potent herbs that have historically been used to promote one’s health and well-being.

Ingredients: Organic burdock root, organic sheep sorrel, organic slippery elm bark, and organic (Turkey) rhubarb root. Origin: United States

“Excellent quality and packaging.” – Chrystine

“Easy instructions.” – Janny

herbal tea blend essiac
Hibiscus Heaven

Tropical hibiscus and rosehips give this tea a high Vitamin C content. While blended with the citrus flavors of orange and lemon, together all of these herbs and spices produce a deliciously refreshing citrus herbal tea. It can be tasty served both hot or as the perfect summer iced or sun tea. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic hibiscus flower, organic rosehips, organic orange peel, organic lemongrass, organic lemon peel, and organic lemon oil. Origin: United States

herbal tea blend hibiscus heaven

Joint Support

Formulated to help support joint health naturally with a powerful blend of herbs and spices. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic devil’s claw root, organic burdock root, organic dandelion root, organic licorice root, organic turmeric root, organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, and organic peppermint leaf. Origin: United States

herbal tea blend joint support
Lazy Daze

Tasteful blend of mint and citrus fruit flavors, blended with aromatic flowers and berries. It’s the perfect beverage for relaxing, whether it’s the end of a hard day or you just want to enjoy a lazy afternoon. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic spearmint leaf, organic lemongrass, organic elder berry, organic red rose buds and petals, organic linden flower and leaf, organic chamomile flower, organic raspberry leaf, and organic orange peel. Origin: United States

“I just got this blend with about 5 others and it is so relaxing and soothing… thus the name 🙂 Thank you for making some of the finest blends these taste buds have ever experienced.” – Dana Reynolds

herbal tea blend lazy daze
Liver Cleanse

The liver is an important organ that serves as the gateway for waste that the body accumulates through the environment, stress, and certain foods. This herbal blend is specifically designed to help support proper function of the liver. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic burdock root, organic dandelion root, organic milk thistle seed, organic barberry root, organic fennel seed, organic licorice root, and organic ginger root. Origin: United States

herbal tea blend liver cleanse

Male Support

Specifically designed for men’s health to help promote vitality, energy, stamina, strength and proper function of the male reproductive system. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic ashwagandha root, organic ginkgo leaf, organic horny goat weed, organic licorice root, and organic tribulus fruit. Origin: United States

herbal tea blend male support


Revitalize your brain power with this tea containing some of the more powerful memory enhancing herbs, such as ginkgo and gotu kola, and healthful antioxidants. A hint of bilberry and ginger gives this tea a fruity, clean taste. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic ginkgo leaf, organic hibiscus flower, organic eleuthero root, organic gotu kola herb, organic parsley flakes, organic alfalfa leaf, organic bilberry leaf, and organic ginger root. Origin: United States

“I have issues keeping my concentration at work and having head pain. I saw this product and thought I would give it a shot. After the first time using it, I had no problems with concentration. I call it a natural upper. Granted, I have only used it for a week, but it works great and am recommending to my mother who is having the same issues with her day to day life. Great products.” – Eric

herbal tea blend memory

A peaceful combination of soothing herbs, perfect at the end of a long day to help relax one’s mind and body. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic catnip leaf, organic scullcap herb, organic chamomile flower, organic lemon balm leaf, organic peppermint leaf, organic spearmint leaf, and organic oatstraw. Origin: United States

herbal tea blend relaxing

This is a minty and floral blend of herbs formulated to help your body resist cold weather, fighting off the winter bugs. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic peppermint leaf, organic elder flower, organic raspberry leaf, organic ginger root, organic elder berry, organic yarrow flower, and organic hyssop herb. Origin: United States

herbal tea blend sniffle
Stay Well

A wonderful combination of healthful herbs and spices to help promote health and well-being. Make this tasty and fruity tea a regular tea for your daily health. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic echinacea purpurea herb, organic lemon balm leaf, organic olive leaf, organic elder berry, organic elder flower, organic lemon peel, organic ginger root, and organic goldenseal leaf. Origin: United States

“I love it!!!! Great when I had a cold. I drink a cup in the morning and at night.”

herbal tea blend stay well

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