7 Ingredient Highly Nutritious Green Salad Recipe

Are you looking for a simple green salad recipe that is quick to throw together with very flexible ingredients?

This is my go-to recipe that is easy-to-make and uses only one big bowl. By following this simple method, you will have a basic everyday salad recipe with unlimited possible combinations. It’s also packed with nutrition and will help keep your body’s pH level alkaline.

Simple Green Salad Recipe


  • greens – lettuce or a variety of greens (lettuce, spinach, sprouts, kale, etc.) or forage
  • raw vegetables – any veggies, any amounts
  • grains- barley, buckwheat, farro, millet, quinoa, wheat berries, etc.
  • beans – kidney, garbanzo, navy, pinto, etc.
  • raw nuts – almonds, pecans, pine, walnuts, etc.
  • raw seeds – pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, flax, etc
  • raw fruit – avocado, grapes etc., dried fruit (raisins, cranberries)


  1. add greens to fill a large bowl
  2. add chopped or diced veggies (opt.)
  3. add your grain
  4. add beans
  5. add nuts or seeds
  6. add fruit
  7. drizzle dressing over your salad and enjoy!

I stock up on canned beans, dried fruit, nuts & seeds and cook enough grain for a few days (store in the refrigerator for quick use).

An example salad that I would throw together would include 1/2 – 1 whole head of romaine lettuce, big handful of spinach, 1/2 – 1 cup quinoa, 1/2 – 1 cup red kidney beans, 1/4 cup of raw seeds or my protein powder, and dried cranberries. I can eat this huge salad myself but have been know to share on occasion 🙂

Don’t have an ingredient? Just leave it out and make due with what you have. Sometimes I will eat a huge bowl of just greens and beans with dressing

Homemade Dressing Recipe

When I first started eating daily salads, over 28 years ago, I would use dressing from the grocery store. I wasn’t accustomed to eating raw greens and veggies so I usually picked out a very sugary, salty, bad for your health dressing.

As the years passed, I became aware of the unhealthy ingredients in the bottled dressings and started making my own. My hunt for a good tasting everyday dressing began.

I don’t remember where I found “my perfect dressing” and not sure if this is the original recipe but here is how I make it.


  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tbsp spicy mustard
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 6 tbsp olive oil


  1. In a small jar (I used a baby food jar), add 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp spicy mustard. Cover and shake well.
  2. add 1 tbsp honey, cover and shake well.
  3. add 1 garlic clove (minced), cover and shake well.
  4. add 6 tbsp olive oil, cover and shake well.
  5. add sea salt and ground black pepper (opt.)

I started eating large raw green salads when I was in my early 20’s because of painful everyday digestive issues including a hiatal hernia (I also stopped eating meat and dairy). It was a smart health move because I was off medication within weeks and free from all stomach pain within 6 months.

Please check with your doctor if you have any questions about changing your diet.

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