Dandelion Flower Tea

Learn how to make fresh dandelion flower tea with this simple 5-step recipe!

Dandelion’s yellow flowers are popping up all over the Ozarks! This plant that I once thought of as poisonous is not only edible, but highly nutritious and loaded with medicinal properties! To make a great-tasting tea, all you have to do is pick about 2-3 cups of fresh flowers, remove the sweet-smelling petals from the green base, pour boiling water over the petals and let steep until cooled. Follow the easy directions below and you will have a refreshing homemade summer drink!

1. Pick about 2-3 cups of fresh dandelion flowers


dandelion flowers


2. Pull the flower petals from the green base


make dandelion tea


3. Put the flower petals (about 1 cup) into a quart glass canning jar


dandelion petals

dandelion tea simple recipe


4. Add boiling water to top of jar, cover, shake well and let sit in room temperature until cooled


dandelion tea


5. Strain and enjoy 🙂


how to make dandelion tea

Make Dandelion Sun Tea

There is something special about foraging for wild dandelions and using the sun to make this highly nutritious drink. Yes, using the sun to make tea does take more time but I love watching it brew on the porch while working in the yard or garden. I simply add cold well water (or bottled water) to the petals and place in the sun. Here is a picture after brewing for 2 hours:


dandelion petals sun tea


Here is another picture after letting it brew for 4 hours. The petals expanded and the water turned a pretty yellow.


dandelion sun tea


I like to freeze extra tea into ice cubes


dandelion ice tea


Learn How to Identify & the Health Benefits

The dandelion is a perennial plant that grows to 12 inches tall. Its deeply toothed leaves are hairless and grow in a rosette close to the ground. The yellow flower matures into a white puff-ball containing seeds.

Jethro Kloss states that anemia is caused by a deficiency of proper nutrients in the blood. Dandelion is high in nutritive salts, which purify the blood and help neutralize acids in the blood. It is also one of the old well-known remedies of anemia (Back to Eden, page 123.

Learn how to identify dandelion and the health benefits

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